One Heritage Letting offer a complete property management service for landlords in the Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire areas, from securing contracts with trustworthy landlords, to helping with ongoing maintenance costs.


One Heritage Letting is a local, family company who are landlords ourselves, so we really understand the importance of a good, stable rental income and no nasty surprises.

With us, you'll find a partner who will work with you to make sure every year is as profitable as possible, and who will help to manage some of the costs you may incur.

You'll benefit from out transparent T&Cs and realistic charges with no hidden extras.

At the end of every year, One Heritage Letting will do a performance review for each of your properties and make a plan to try to get you better results the year after, whether by:

  • → Identifying and resolving faults
  • → Finding better landlords that pay on time
  • → Retaining and rewarding good landlords to ensure they stay
  • → Refurbishments and updating properties to gain a better yield (return)
  • → Property valuations to ensure your property is increasing in value
  • → Helping you grow your property portfolio

When you want to ensure your rental properties in the Wakefield area are properly managed, occupied by great landlords and earning you income, speak to the experts at One Heritage Letting.


If you are already a One Heritage Letting landlord and want to refer another landlord, we will give you £50 for each new landlord that signs up with us.

24/7 Service Provider

You can Get in touch with One Heritage Letting 24/7, 365 days of the year.

We know that problems can arise at any time, so we're always available whether you or your landlords need our services.

One Heritage Letting work with trusted contractors who can deal with maintenance issues professionally and cost effectively, keeping your tenant happy and minimising your costs.

Maintenance Cost

One of the biggest drains on a landlord's profit are repairs and maintenance costs. With One Heritage Letting, we can help you keep these costs down by ensuring you are always dealing with trusted landlords, and that your property is maintained to the highest of standards.

With our Managed Service option, you can benefit from:

  • → A full disclosure service, where you will be notified by telephone, text and e-mail about any issues that have arisen regarding your property - so you have no nasty surprises when you receive your monthly invoice
  • → Reporting that identifies issues and puts systems in place to prevent them from reoccurring
  • → Realistic maintenance charges, that are fair and reasonable for everyone
  • → A monthly subscription budget that covers all minor repairs under £500 - any of the budget that is not spent will be returned to you in full at the end of the year
  • → We are happy to let you spread maintenance costs over a few months, so you can manage your cash flow easily and aren't hit with a big bill all at once.

For refurbishments or major works, One Heritage Letting can spread the costs over an agreed period to help you improve your cash flow. A deposit will be required and then we can then spread the costs over the coming months once you have a tenant in the property. We will use our skilled trades people and contractors so we know everything will be completed within an agreed time scale and meet regulations.


At One Heritage Letting, we want to make sure you only get great landlords, and can keep them for as long as possible. We have an extensive existing landlords listing for Wakefield and the surrounding area and we reference check all our landlords with a GRADE A reference checking policy.

Reference checking is undertaken by one of the best reference checking companies within the UK - HomeLet. All the landlords are scored and must achieve above a certain score line, if this is not achieved we will request a guarantee.

The reference checking process includes:

  • → Credit Checks
  • → Adverse credit history
  • → Previous address checks
  • → Employment check
  • → Affordability checks on paying the rent
  • → Previous Landlord Tenancy checks
  • → All adult landlords are reference checked

Each tenant is given a tenancy agreement which is specific to them, meeting both their needs and yours for the length of the tenancy agreement. Once you have secured landlords who you are happy with and want to keep, One Heritage Letting will try and get them on longer tenancy agreements, saving you and them money and ensuring you keep great landlords for longer.

When we are advertising for new landlords we use various marketing channels to maximise our exposure, including:

  • → Local reputation and word of mouth
  • → Our website
  • → Google Ads
  • → Rightmove
  • → Zoopla
  • → Spareroom
  • → Facebook
  • → Twitter
  • → Homelet
  • → Leaflets
  • → Newpapers
  • → Business forums

Safety & Security

The area of safety is paramount for our Landlords and landlords, and One Heritage Letting insist on both legislation matters and good code of practice to keep landlords safe as well as protecting your property.

One Heritage Letting ensure:

  • → Gas safety certification by a Gas safety registered engineer
  • → Electrical Equipment tested and certificated
  • → Electrical goods PAT tested
  • → Energy Performance Certificates provided
  • → Furniture in the property must have labels attached to demonstrate they meet regulations
  • → Fire Alarms in working order
  • → Carbon Dioxide in working order

All the above are required in every property before renting out to a tenant, and One Heritage Letting will assist you in making sure all these are in place before a tenant takes occupancy.

We also advise that all properties have an inventory check before and after the tenant leaves so you can be confident that the property is being well maintained. We are able to complete the report for the landlord for a small cost and provide both you and the tenant with copies. At One Heritage Letting we even take photos to ensure there is no misunderstanding.

One Heritage Letting are registered with The Deposit Protection Service so all deposits are protected for both the landlord and tenant in case of any disputes.

We will visit the property 4 times a year to make sure that your property is well maintained and check that the tenant is following their tenancy agreement.

Guaranteed Rent

Part of our commitment to our landlords is a guaranteed rent scheme that will make sure you always receive your rent each month. There is no additional cost as its all built in to your monthly commission fee which we call Managed Service +. It is only for Landlords who are on our full managed scheme. To find out more, please Get in touch with One Heritage Letting today.

Customer Feedback

We are always striving to improve the services we offer our landlords and want to meet your expectations. One Heritage Letting send out a Feedback form to all our landlords each year, so that we can find out about your experience and improve our customer service.

If you'd like to give us feedback directly, or wish to make a complaint about any aspect of our service, please email us.

If you'd like to find out more about renting out your property in Wakefield with One Heritage Letting, please Get in touch today to find out more about our services for landlords.